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Re: Paleo Bloopers

I believe it was actually O.C. Marsh who thought that the horn cores of
ceratopsians were those of a bison.  Jane

 Jane P. Davidson PhD 
University of Nevada Reno  
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On Sat, 22 Feb 1997, Bettyc wrote:

> Iguanodon's thumb spikes becoming nose spikes at the Crystal palace
> display.  They got the qudraped part better than later people did,
> funny, isn't it?
> Barnum Brown (I think it was Brown) believing early fossil Ceratopians
> were actually extinct buffalo because of the horns.
> Are we sticking with dinosaurs or can we mention things like Piltdown
> Man and that "fossilized scrotum"-thing?
> The wrong legs (the wrong trousers?) on the AMNH T rex mount, sort of
> having a size 6 body and a size 12 pant.
> -Betty