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You wrote:
>The claws are kind of overkill for tree climbing.  I have no problems 
>with the ideas of them possibly being arboreal, but I think the big 
>claws are unrelated to arboreality.
        Please think about this for just a minute.  If the claw was
developed for climbing, and then exapted for hunting, of course it would be
"overkill" (pardon the pun) for climbing.  Too often we insist that we must
be able to draw a clear and direct link between an adaptation, its function,
and its form.
        Do you think your feet evolved for climbing?  Most people cannot
hang by their feet. Their feet must have evolved for walking on flat ground,
not climbing.  I wonder if monkeys evolved from humans, and adapted our
short stubby toes into long prehensile ones for climbing.

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