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Re: Liaoningornis? No, Sinosauropteryx.

Jeff Poling wrote:
> At 12:21 PM 2/23/97 -0700, kmh wrote:

> >maybe it's _Sinosauropteryx_ I'm trying to track down.  Which
> >feathered fossils were unveiled at SVP? 
> >(I didn't write the sidebar in Dinosaurus, by the way).
> >
> That's almost certainly _Sinosauropteryx_.  You should be hearing     > more, 
> soon.  WOrd around the List is that it's supposed to be         > published 
> in  _Nature_, maybe even the next issue.

Any CONFIRMATION "list??"  I'd appreciate any details I could get. 

Thanks in advance!!

*kel, girl dino writer (really, I have the box tops to prove it).