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Re: The Lost Child...

On Sat, 22 Feb 1997 23:53:53 -0600 (CST) tlford@ix.netcom.com (Tracy
Ford) writes:

>And we 'true' dinosaurist have to tell people over, and over and OVER 
>what is factual and what is fiction. For istance, I was at a Dinosaur 
>park in Utah, I was standing next to a Dilophosaurus, I overheard some 
>women say that's not Dilophosaurus, it dosen't have a frill. How many 
>paleontologist have to WASTE there time CORRECTING people, over and 
>over and over. It gets frustrating. Thanks to Creaton and Spilberg!
> I HOPE the Carnotarus aren't chamelon like 
>it was in the book. Just one more thing people will say is fact, argue 
>with paleontologist with qurp's like, well how do you know, you 
>there. God almight, I could just &*)__()(***()( them.<

I share your frustration!! I was being a tourist at the AMNH in NYC,
reading the labels at their Oviraptor nest exhibit.  One lady next to me
read only a few sentences and exclaimed to her companion "Look!! This
proves that all the dinosaurs died in a catastrophe!"  I resisted the
urge to throttle her, just barely.  All she had to do was read the rest
of the label, and she didn't bother.  That's especially frustrating.

But you have to look at it this way: 
1)Folks come to the museum to see the dinosaurs and their fees pay my
salary.  My job is to present the dinosaurs as accurately as possible,
train the volunteers to do the same and to correct misconceptions where
they occur.
2) The more misconceptions there are, the more job security (and
frustration) we have.  

I'm not sure if film makers should be the ones to seek out
paleontologists (and really LISTEN to them) or if it's up to the
paleontologists to speak up to the film makers first. Let's face it, who
exactly should the film maker listen too?  Enough folks on this list
think Bakker is too over the top, and others disagree vehemently over
whether T. rex was a scavenger or predator.  Should we all elect an
official spokesperson? Who would it be?  Should we form a committee to
write the ultimate dinosaur movie?  I don't know how to really solve this
problem.  We just have to deal with these frustrations as best we can.

Judy Molnar
Education Associate
Virginia Living Museum