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Re: Sharp claws (was: DINOSAUR BEHAVIOR)

> > the "edge" of the Deinonychus toe claw [may not have] a sharp edge
>   Both canines and claws of many effective predators are edgeless; it
> is often solely the point that does the work.           --  Jay Freeman

     In mammalian carnivores (and liekly in most theropods) a pointy
claw with a dull edge is great for getting a good grip on your prey,
same for the sharp pointed fangs.  The point here is that the razor sharp
"intestine spilling" dromaeosaur toe claws may be overrated.  Jim Kirkland
had examined these toe claws and says they really have razor sharp edges.
I have had other paleontologists who examined them tell me the edges of
Deinonychus's toe claw is flat, and that Utahraptor's claw is badly
crushed, creating the illusion of a naturally sharp edge.  Having never
examined one or the other myself, I have no first hand basis for making a
LN Jeff, hopeless realist