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Re: links and JP/Lost World

>Wait, wait, wait.  Assuming your "insider" was correct and Spielberg's
>troops knowingly misrepresented the facts (I'll concede such a thing is
>not beyond the realm of possiblity), when did anyone at that camp
>publicly claim "absolute scientific accuracy?"  Was I writing about the
>history of marbles?  Shopping for delicates?  Slapping the wacky?  

I believe it is common knowledge, and has appeared in print, that Spielberg
rejected early versions of the Velociraptor as too birdlike and not
"reptilian" enough - one reason, perhaps, why I find them by far the least
convincing of the dinosaurs in JP (the tails are all wrong, for example).
Of course their size is another matter, and Spielberg again was pretty
frank about that - so I don't think he was trying to claim ultimate
accuracy, just a better job at it than had been done previously (and who
can deny him that?).

For more convincing raptor types, though, I prefer the dinosaur special
(its title escapes me) hosted by Christopher Reeve, using (I think)
stop-action and with quite nice Maiasaurs, etc too.
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