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Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

Interested Harryhausen monster-movie fans should note that AMC will feature
the good old Beast this coming Wednesday at 8:30 PM EST (that is, 5:30 PM
PST) and again at 1 AM EST (10 PM PST).

Ten points to anyone who knows the name of the actor that plays the
sharpshooter who nails the Beast with radioactive isotope from a rifle in the
climactic final scenes of the movie. He's recognizable in the trailer that
AMC is running to advertise the movie. He later went on to star in spaghetti
westerns and action flicks, but is now, alas, deceased. I met him in person
about 20 years ago when he, along with actor John Colicos, casually walked
into the Toronto comic-book store where I used to hang out. To this day I
regret not having reminded him of that little bit part he played at the
beginning of his career.

Contrary to popular belief (and the movie's publicity flacks), the Beast is
not a dinosaur but a giant rauisuchian.