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Re: The Lost Child..

Jeffrey Martz <martz@holly.ColoState.EDU> wrote:

> "This is probably something that will really happen someday".  Watch
>some of the old interveiws with Speilberg and Chrichton.

No, what he said is that he believes the basic concept of Jurassic Park
(cloning of dinos from ancient DNA) is probably a science eventuality.
Somehow I fail to see that statement as an endorsement that everything you
see on the screen is a depiction of reality. I think your bias against
Spielberg and Chrichton has distorted how you perceive the whole Jurassic
Park event.

> Phil Tippet made some animatics of the Velociraptors in which thier
>tongues flicked in and out, like a lizard.  Horner came down on them like
>a ton of bricks and they changed it.  Would Jurassic Park have been half
>as convincing and real as it was if the filmakers and paleontologists
>hadn't worked together to give it authenticity?

Yes. So what are you complaining about? They did follow the rules and yes,
they also assumed some artistic licence and broke some.

>present an un-flowery veiw of the American West? What about movies like
>"Apollo-13" and "Glory"? The entire point of THESE movies is to tell a
>story that is as true as possible.  A talented director can make us see
>the inherently fascinating and absorbing aspects of real life without
>distorting reality, if that is the objective of the film.

See William C. Ward's brilliant post about the innacuracies in those films
that you tout as examples of "true" depictions of reality.

> Obviously.  My artwork probably doesn't hold a candle to yours.  I am
>SUCH a damn Phillistine.

Before I really took an interest in paleontology, when I just liked dinos
because they were neat looking animals, I once made a really hot computer
illustration of a T-Rex stalking at dusk but mistakenly put four toes on
the foot. I was pretty upset with myself when I realized it. But it still
hangs on my wall...

The Lost World is going to be a spectacular fantasy/dinosaur movie. The
best ever of its kind. Let's not spoil it by expecting it to be more than
it is - a fun experience and a wild ride. Can't we all just enjoy the ride?