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Re: T. rex Sense of Smell

At 10:55 PM 2/20/97 GMT, John Cys wrote:

>The one thing that really bothered me in JP was the T. rex being 
>directly in front of Grant and the kids and not smelling them.

I missed that movie.  Which way was the air moving?

I once had Dobermans who were so good at acting fierce that I thought
I'd better be sure they wouldn't eat trespassers.  I approached from
downwind in the dark.  Even at five yards, they didn't recognize me
because their night vision wasn't sharp enough.  Obviously, they
couldn't get my scent.

Years ago, for fun I sneaked up within eight feet of a fox hunting in
the dark.  The direction of air movement was one of the factors I had to
keep in mind.  

- Stephen Throop