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RE: Cooperative Behavior

Lions do exhibit cooperative behavior as well as wild dogs and wolves 
among others(there are more).  This is not we see you, the fastest 
catch it, someone kills it.  It requires at least higher learning if 
not abstraction.  Lions flush prey into waiting pride members who are 
hiding in tall grass, not standing around or chasing prey themselves. 
The list is longer, but this serves as a good example. 

I don't have any idea if dinosaurs did this.  It can be learned and 
taught, but I have doubts if dinosaurs could.  They certainly can 
hunt like cheetahs do.  They will chase an animal, one catches it, 
and someone kills it.  Cheetahs share well.  In fact if there are 
more that two, one will often be a lookout while the others eat.  

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