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I liked the one Doug McClure fought...

On 25 Feb 97 00:40:00 EST, you wrote:

>>interesting. Heck, there's a yahoo who posts on way too many newsgroups who
>>thinks he has the skull of a human giant from the Carboniferous. You just
>>have to smile and walk away. : ) There are much better ways to spend your
>>time than trying to convert these folks.

Personally, I think you're gravely insulting the folks who came up
with the nifty Yahoo search engine by linking them in any way to Ed
Conrad... but back to dinosaurs and the media, eh? About all I have to
throw in is that I watch movies and read fiction for the entertainment
value, not for their scientific content... as a matter of fact, I'm
one of those folks who revel in the glory of truly inaccurate
depictions of prehistoric life in films, because I find such glaring
mistakes amusing. All you have to remember, folks, is IT'S ONLY A

P. S. I also liked the stock-footage of the battling three-horned
crocodile vs. the frilled monitor.