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Re: The PERFECT Movie Dinosaur

From: Office <dinosaur@interport.net>
 > Do you suppose it IS possible to have the PERFECT movie dinosaur?
 > A portrayal that EVERY Paleo-person would agree upon as being a
 > precise, accurate rendering of what a dino was REALLY like when
 > it went out for dinner with it's friends a 100 million years (or so)
 > ago?

100% agreement is not possible - but one could certainly get something
that all would agree is *possible*.  And it should be possible to put
in some actual disgreement about dino behavior into the movie. ("It will
only attack if you move" - "I disagree, it is more likely ...").  This
is more realistic science anyway; portratying scientists as always
"knowing" the "one true" answer is one of the more insidious stereotypes
in Hopllywood movies.

[The scen in JP that jarred me the worst was the opening scene where
the paleontologist, prior to involvement in the reconstruction project,
makes a definate, unqualified pronouncement about dino behavior].

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