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Re: Paleo Bloopers

Actually Stan,  I suspect that Marsh's pointing out of the mistake in the
reconstruction of Elasmosaurus  had a LOT to do with the feud which began
to blossom after that incident.  It was not the only reason for the feud
of course.  I have a lot to say about all this in my forthcoming biog. of
Cope which will be out in about a month.  Best,  Jane D.

 Jane P. Davidson PhD 
University of Nevada Reno  
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On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Stan Friesen wrote:

>  From: "Jane P. Davidson" <jdhexen@unr.edu>
>  > There was the famous mistake which E. D. Cope made in 1870 by
>  > reconstructing Elasmosaurus with its skull at the tail end of its
>  > spine. Altho I must say that this mistake does not well illustrate
>  > that it is "ok" to make mistakes as he was hounded by this error for
>  > all of his life.
>  > Jane
>  > 
> True, however that was largely because it got tangled up in his
> life-long feud with O.C. Marsh. (Indeed it may have been one of
> the incidents contributing to the feud to begin with, as it was
> Marsh who pointed out the error).
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