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Re: links and JP/Lost World

dis@gj.net wrote:
> (responding to my saying)
> when did anyone at that camp publicly claim "absolute scientific      > 
> accuracy?" 

> They were parading Jack Horner and Bob Bakker around for nothing 
> I guess 8-)

Now wait Jim, maybe they were just Stan Winston's VERSION of Jack and
Bob.  <g>  But your point if a good one.  

> But of course it was Speilberg's movie, but they are Stan Winston's
> dinosaurs and from what I can see as long as he can say "Well were you
> there!!, they will continue to be his. Lost World's beasts will be    > even 
> more Stan Winston's version than the first. It does not seem they > are 
> pushing realisim this time so much.

Eeeeeeewww...does that mean they'll be like the strange schizoid
monsters in the movie version of THE RELIC?  Twisting off human heads to
suck out thyroid bits?  What was THAT all about?  Nevermind, that's
another list. 

Well, I hope I have fun at THE LOST WORLD.  If I don't I'll be eating
all kinds of crow for months to come.  Anyone have a good raven recipe?