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Re: links and JP/Lost World

        Again, I have to point out that if you want to hear Spielberg 
and Co. go on about how "flawless" and "absolutly accurate" their 
movie was, watch _The Making Of Jurassic Park_; it all gets rather 
thick and smelly. Well, I shouldn't be so cruel... Many of the 
comments they made were funnier than some of the jokes in the movie. 
I realize that this "documentary" is nothing more than a half hour 
long commercial, and therin lies much of my concern... Spielberg 
apparently has no qualms about LYING and selling out the work of 
palaeontologists to make a quick buck. He seems perfectly willing to 
do whatever it takes to get the public to see his films, no matter 
how WRONG or even unecessary. People would have gone to see JP and 
will go to see LW without all the hype about it's accuracy (which is 
why I question the prior assertion made by somebody that the public 
is demanding more scientifically accurate movies), but he just had to 
add that extra kick. Hell, he probably could have saved himself a 
load of flack if he didn't say it; aside from the fact that JP just 
isn't the kind of movie I like (to expose my bias, I like _Interview 
With The Vampire_ and _The Crow_ amongst others of that ilk, but 
I'm here to either judge nor argue about what a "good movie" is), I 
would probably be deffending it if Spielberg hadn't made the comments 
that he did. Yes he has the rigt to say whatever he wants, but I 
honestly believe that he had NO business making those claims if they 
were LIES. That was purely UNETHICAL, and that's not something I'm 
content to sit back and laugh about when tourists are telling people 
in the know what dinosaurs were really like because, gee, Stevie 
wouldn't lie, would he? I'll get rather upset about this thank you 
very much, and have no qualms about getting on his case for it (not 
that he's ever heard me, or would care in the least about what I or 
any of us have to say).  

        What irks me about some of the comments made on here now and 
in the past is how there seems to be this mentality that you can't 
have a movie that is both accurate and engaging... You just have to 
settle for what Hollywood chooses to bestow upon us because thats all 
there is. Tell them what you like, not the other way around, and do 
it with your pocket books and a loud voice. It's been done before, 
it can be done again. I also challenge the claims that JP is the most 
accurate because (playing the demonic anti-scientist here...) 1925's 
_The Lost World_ is EVERY BIT as accurate as JP. Back at the time it 
was made, it worked off of the current knowledge of dinosaurs, and 
probably pissed of a few scientists as well, just like JP, and I have 
NO DOUBTS AT ALL that in 75 years, people will look back on JP and 
say how not only were the FX crappy, but the dinosaurs were totally 
wrong. Such is the progress of research and entertainment technology.

        *Whew*. Oh yah, I'm not about to name names but my source was 
an individual who happens to know certain palaeontological advisors. 
Anyhoo, take care all...


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