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Subject: VA dinosaur tracks

I found an article on this "recent" find in the Virginian-Pilot/Ledger
Star, Norfolk Va, on February 9, 1997:

The Associated Press said that Jon Bachman, 50, of Argyle Heights, was
looking for leaf fossils in October, 1995, and he spotted the
"desktop-sized" prints in Stafford County.  The article said in one
section that they are 110 million years old, and then said later that Rob
Weems (of USGS) and Bachman believe they are Cretaceous in age.  Bachman
had worked as a volunteer at Culpeper Stone Co., where 3000 tracks were
found in 1989 (the ones you see Walter Cronkite walk around in his
Dinosaurs program).

The article states that Weems said these tracks are the first found in
Stafford Co.  The tracks are east of U. S. Rte 1 in central Stafford. 
Weems and Bachman said some of the prints are theropod, some ornithopod.
        Bachman has also found evidence of anuran fossils in the area,
and teaches fourth grade at Leesylvannia Elementary School in Prince
William.  Sometime this month The Biological Society of Washington will
publicize the findings.

Judy Molnar
Education Associate
Virginia Living Museum