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Tom Holtz:
> >Pilots bitch about airplane movies.  Sailor gripe about nautical movies.
> Cops reject crime/hero movies.  The list goes on.

You should hear my dog's gripes about Lassie movies.  Phew!  Don't 
get her started!
> The support for a monophyletic "Carcharodontosauridae", however, was not as
> firm as before: it was present in some trees; in others, Giganotosaurus lay
> outside either an ((Acro + Carcharo) + Allosauridae) or an (Carcharo + (Acro
> + Allosauridae)) clade.

I believe that, after examination of the new skull, certain 
paleontologists have very strong views that _Acrocanthosaurus_ is NOT 
a carcharodontosaurid.

By the way, does anyone have a reference concerning the description 
of this new Acro skull?

Tim Williams

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> changed into life as we see it around us to-day."
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