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Re: The PERFECT Movie Dinosaur

How about the female paleobotanist just happening to have elbow length
plastic gloves along and the pile of Triceratops dung big enough for 24

On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Stan Friesen wrote:

> From: Office <dinosaur@interport.net>
>  > Do you suppose it IS possible to have the PERFECT movie dinosaur?
>  > 
>  > A portrayal that EVERY Paleo-person would agree upon as being a
>  > precise, accurate rendering of what a dino was REALLY like when
>  > it went out for dinner with it's friends a 100 million years (or so)
>  > ago?
> 100% agreement is not possible - but one could certainly get something
> that all would agree is *possible*.  And it should be possible to put
> in some actual disgreement about dino behavior into the movie. ("It will
> only attack if you move" - "I disagree, it is more likely ...").  This
> is more realistic science anyway; portratying scientists as always
> "knowing" the "one true" answer is one of the more insidious stereotypes
> in Hopllywood movies.
> [The scen in JP that jarred me the worst was the opening scene where
> the paleontologist, prior to involvement in the reconstruction project,
> makes a definate, unqualified pronouncement about dino behavior].
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