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stop-motion annimation

Ron Orenstein wrote:
>I believe it is common knowledge, and has appeared in print, that Spielberg
>rejected early versions of the Velociraptor as too birdlike and not
>"reptilian" enough - one reason, perhaps, why I find them by far the least
>convincing of the dinosaurs in JP (the tails are all wrong, for example).
>Of course their size is another matter, and Spielberg again was pretty
>frank about that - so I don't think he was trying to claim ultimate
>accuracy, just a better job at it than had been done previously (and who
>can deny him that?).
>For more convincing raptor types, though, I prefer the dinosaur special
>(its title escapes me) hosted by Christopher Reeve, using (I think)
>stop-action and with quite nice Maiasaurs, etc too.

One of my students informed me that the title (now on video) is... 
_DINOSAUR! An Amazing Look At the Prehistoric Giants_ 


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