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Re: _Liaoningornis_

In a message dated 97-02-25 01:24:38 EST, mrowe@indiana.edu (Mickey P. Rowe)

<< In the March issue of _Natural History_, the article on dinosaurs from
 Madagascar describes a Cretaceous bird (the one with the sickle claw
 on its foot; it's been mentioned here before) as a bird even though it
 has a long bony tail rather than a pygostyle.  Just thought I'd throw
 a lemur wrench into Tom's easy guide to bird recognition :-) >>

In BCF, the Madagascar bird is understood to lie >below< _Archaeopteryx_ on
the avian cladogram, a volant deinonychosaur descended from the (no less
volant) common ancestor of deinonychosaurs and birds. Both deinonychosaurs
and _Archaeopteryx_ had long tails, so it's no surprise that the Mad-bird had
one, too.