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Re: The PERFECT Movie Dinosaur

At 11:24 PM 2/24/97 -0500, Ray McAllister wrote:
>How about the female paleobotanist just happening to have elbow length
>plastic gloves along and the pile of Triceratops dung big enough for 24

   I've always assumed that the piles didn't arrive there, uh, naturually.
Perhaps they were collected by the park workers for analysis or fertilizer
(for the home gardening market?) or something.  Does kinda diminish its
usefulness in figuring out what the animal ate, though....

   As for the elbow length plastic gloves, the park worker was a
veterinarian taking care of a sick animal.  Perhaps Dr. Sattler got them
from him?  Or maybe she just liked plastic gloves ... I'd rather not
speculate as to why.

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