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Re: clone

At 09:37 AM 2/25/97 -0500, Uduido@aol.com wrote:
>The question should be is  science, particularly
>paleontology, ready to grasp this amazing and wonderful breakthrough and run
>with it? Is there any possible way for this technique to be applied to this
>scientific discipline? How can it be made to be addapted to paleontology?,

   Hmmmm..... I wonder.  The cloning process used the DNA from an adult
sheep and fused it with the egg of another sheep.  Would this have worked if
they had used the egg from, say, a goat or a gorilla?

   IF, and I'm sure those who know will correct me, but IF using the egg
from another species of animal wouldn't have worked, it would mean you would
need a live specimen of the species of animal to be cloned to donate an egg.
Bottom line, no cloned dinosaurs.

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