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list management

This email from the Dinosaur Society concerns management of this list, and
responds to the recent post "is Mickey ever coming back."

As some of you may know, The Dinosaur Society is a not-for-profit
organization which seeks to support dinosaur research and education.  We are
probably the world's third largest source of funds for research in the
dinosaur sciences.  We just awarded our fourth quarter grants for 1996,
approximately $77,000 which brings our three year total close to $800,000.
 We sponsor research, provide grants for artwork to illustrate research,
underwrite the publication of research, mainly in the JVP, and sponsor a
graduate fellowship.  In addition, we publish a monthly newspaper for
children of all ages, the "Dino Times" and a quarterly magazine "The Dinosaur
Report", have a traveling exhibition program "The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park"
which has set attendance records at museums across the nation, operate a web
site at dinosociety.org, published a book for dinosaur artists on contracts
and copyrights (by Tess Kissinger), are involved in numerous other dinosaur
related activities and we have an associated organization in the United
Kingdom, The Dinosaur Society of the UK.  We do all this with limited budgets
and staff.

Some time ago Mickey approached us with the possibility of taking over
management of the list.  Aside from the fact that we operate on a 486 via
telephone lines, I was concerned that we just could not dedicate the staff
time to list management.  We certainly do not have 20+ hours to give to
moderating this list.  In order to try to determine if we could take over the
list, Mickey went back to an unmoderated list.  Your comments, sent via this
list,  as to how you think this works would be greatly appreciated and very
helpful to us.

I am sorry that I have not responded as quickly as Mickey would have liked,
but trying to do all the above and then some takes up a great deal of time. 

Tom Lesser
Executive Director, The Dinosaur Society

**original message**
>>Is Micky ever coming back?
> Not as moderator, no.  I'm still around, but I'm taking a hands off
approach to >simulate the way I expect the list to be run by the Dinosaur
Society (which will >hopefully start any day now...)  They wanted to know if
they could maintain the list >with 5 man-hours per week as opposed to the 20
I was putting in last year.  It's >possible, but the result is what you're
seeing now.  If you want to voice your support >for a moderated (and
therefore more labor intensive group) you might consider >taking it up with
the Dinosaur Society directly.  Don't expect a quick response from >them,