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GSP1954@aol.com wrote:

>It is interesting how people often become strongly opinionated about certain
>aspects of dinosaur biology and their expression in the media despite the
>current lack of a means of testing their assertions.


Philosophically speaking, the more educated you become, the more you
realize how much there is that you will never know.

>Nor is the burden of proof on those who wish to show dinosaurs hunting in
>packs. Dinosaurs are too different from reptiles to assume they had similarly
>limited socialization unless demonstrated otherwise, or vice-versa.
>Therefore, dinoartists can illustrate a theropod hunting on its own, or show
>a pack of them ripping apart some hapless victim, its flesh being eaten while
>it is still alive (hyenas and wild dogs often start dining before the prey is
>dead). Have fun.

The current range of freedom that this allows us is determined as much by
*what is not known* about dinosaurs as much as what is known.

S.S. Lazarus