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Curse of the T-Rex

I believe what most of the scientist on the show suggested, rather hited
at than actually said, was that most collection of fossils is not
documented up to academia standards.  On the flip side, the government is
saying that collectors need their permission when collecting on public
lands.  Now, I do have a problem with that.
        First of all, why is is that we only make a big deal out of
vertabrate fossils rather than juast any fossil?  I know what they meant
(or do I) when they said the word "fossil" on the Nova show, but
shouldn't they clarify themselves?  Wouldn't an Ordovician brachiopod be
as much a fossil as a Cretaceous dino?  I'm not arguing on the abundance
of fossils, afterall, brachiopods would outnumber the total of t-rex
skeletons found by a great many.  But when you talk about dino fossils,
talk about "dino fossils" and not just "fossils."
        Anyway, I might find something else to talk about once I've
actually seen the whole show.  My physics lab went over and I missed the
first 20 minutes.
Michael D. Miller