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Extinctions and trace fossils

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Mid America Paleontology Society is having their annual Expo in 
April (which I normally attend), and the theme this year is 
Extinctions.  The organizers know I've worked on dinosaur tracks, and 
asked me about the relevance of tracks and other trace fossils to  
questions about extinctions (timing, groups affected, etc), and whether 
I could say or write a few words about that.  Unfortunately, I've not 
worked on any dino tracksites close to the KT boundary or other 
extinction horizons, and am wondering if anyone can suggest any sources 
addressing the issue of trace fossils (vertebrate or invertebrate) and 
extinctions. I know its a broad question, but any references to 
specific work or workers on the topic would be appreciated.  


Glen J. Kuban
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