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What to do about Sue?

I thought that the fossil T. rex "Sue" was the property of the United
States, in trusted to Maurice.  Didn't Maurice give up the rights to
anything found on his land, in favor of tax-exempt status?  Shouldn't the
fossil be sent to the USNM?  He shouldn't be allowed to sale it?  Should
"Sue" be sold in auction, the least that should be done is to turn over
all proceeds of the sale to the Tribal Council for disturbution amongsts
all the native-America people within that Reservation.

---John Schnedierman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)

P.S.  Because it is known that "Sue" is a great find...they should allow
      the study of it prior to its sale.
      Any rich people out there wanting to buy "Sue" and then donate
      it would be very appreciated.