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Re: What to do about Sue?

At 09:22 AM 2/26/97 -0600, John Schneiderman wrote:
>I thought that the fossil T. rex "Sue" was the property of the United
>States, in trusted to Maurice.  Didn't Maurice give up the rights to
>anything found on his land, in favor of tax-exempt status?  Shouldn't the
>fossil be sent to the USNM?  He shouldn't be allowed to sale it?  Should
>"Sue" be sold in auction, the least that should be done is to turn over
>all proceeds of the sale to the Tribal Council for disturbution amongsts
>all the native-America people within that Reservation.

   The short answer is that NO it is not the property of the US, no he
didn't give up the rights to what was on and in his land, he cannot be
barred from selling it, and the procees of the sale belong to nobody but
Maurice Williams.

   See "Reserving Sue" in the tyrannosaurids section of my Journal at
http://www.dinosauria.com for the details.

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