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Re: What to do about Sue?

At 10:38 AM 2/26/97 -0700, kmh wrote:
>Anyway, thanks to the supposed "good intentions" of the feds, the one
>thing everyone feared - - that this magnificent specimen might be sold
>to the person or place with the deepest pockets - - is about to come to
>pass.  We may never know the secrets of Sue.  THAT is the crime. 

   That's the true sick irony of the whole debacle.  If Pete Larson was
sincere in his statements that "Sue" would be the centerpiece of a new
museum in Hill City (and I have no reason to believe he wasn't, especially
since BHI formed an independent, non-profit organization specifically for
the museum), theoretically "Sue" would have been open to the world to see
and to study.  Thanks to the feds, it may end up in a private collection

   I STILL don't know what happened to the bungling assistant district
attourney (Schieffer?) who started the whole thing.  I still wonder how he
didn't end up in jail given all the highly illegal things he did (such as
"borrowing" the national guard without government approval).

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