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Re: What to do about Sue?

Jeff Poling wrote:
>    The short answer is that NO it is not the property of the US, no he
> didn't give up the rights to what was on and in his land, he cannot be
> barred from selling it, and the procees of the sale belong to nobody but
> Maurice Williams.

Which is why the whole incident was a little sticky.  Williams had the
OPTION of letting the feds keep his land in trust to avoid income taxes.
But the land was his - - not titled to the feds or the res. When Pete
paid Williams $5,000 for the fossil, he had every reason to believe it
was a legit business transaction.  Lest we forget, Williams agreed to
the terms, even after he knew it was a pretty significant fossil find.
Williams got THOUSANDS of hours of delicate prep time free.  AND - - he
kept the original 5g paid by the BHI to boot.  Now how is THAT fair? 

Anyway, thanks to the supposed "good intentions" of the feds, the one
thing everyone feared - - that this magnificent specimen might be sold
to the person or place with the deepest pockets - - is about to come to
pass.  We may never know the secrets of Sue.  THAT is the crime.