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Re: Clones and administrivia

From: "Mickey P. Rowe" <mrowe@indiana.edu>
 > In any case, in a description of "maternal effects", Buss
 > points out that in the fruit fly (_Drosophila_), the nuclear DNA
 > doesn't get appreciably transcribed until after the 13th cell
 > division. 

And something roughly comparable is true for vertebrate development.
I believe mRNA starts to be produced in the vert. embryo at about
the time of gastrulation (it is dertainly hours or days into
development, depending on the species).

 > That means that all of the earliest events are driven by
 > mRNA transcribed from the mother's DNA and deposited in the cytoplasm
 > as the egg was formed.  I don't know as that anybody knows how much of
 > early mammalian development depends on such cytoplasmic endowments,

It is pretty well known - it is fairly easy to detect the production
of mRNA in a cell, so that assay has been widely done in all the std
labe animals.

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