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kmh wrote:
> But, for me,  it comes down to this - - I have been on digs, seen
> fossils crumbling to dust because acadamia didn't have the time nor the
> funding to excavate.  I think THAT is the real crime...that fossils are
> being lost to erosion while we all quibble over who deserves to be
> governmentally endowed with the rights to collect.

Exactly!  Sometimes we get a little caught up in the whole "only
scientists can examine fossils" routine, when in actuality a large
portion of what is being retrieved is common stuff.  Sheesh-how many
hadrosaur bones do you need before you have enough?  For that matter,
how many fossils are wasting away in the "protective" care of museums
and institutions that may never have the time or inclination to prepare
the fossils anyway?  By the way, was anyone else impacted by the human
side of the story, specifically the high unemployment rates in the
Dakotas?  Its too bad more compromises can't be hashed out like the deal
struck by that company dealing with Horner.  Why not put some of these
people to work prospecting, and then allow inspections of the material? 
If there were field notes taken along with the excavations, then give
science the funky stuff and let them keep the rest!  If there are going
to be folks out there making a profit off of fossils for now on, then it
would behoove the scientific world to start working with them now rather
than later, before its too late.

Dave Pelley

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