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korean pterosaur footprints

        I recently read an article in SEOUL, a glossy cultural magazine
about Korea published for foreigners, about dinosaur footprints found
there.  The article is not long, but for space & copyright reasons I'd
better not post it.  Near the beach in Uhang-ri, near the village of Haenam
in Chollanam-do province (that's the southwestern tip of Korea), nine
sedimentary layers of footprints were found.  Apparently the area was a
lake bed back then, as the layers were composed of black shale rich in
organisms.  The way the article described it, those sediments were loaded
with fossilized molluscs, wood, and microorganisms, as well as having been
trod upon by ornithopods, therapods, sauropods,--and a ptero, perhaps
pteronodon.  I had never known that ptero footprints had ever been
discovered at all, yet this article said that these were the seventh such
found--though the only ones found in Asia.
        The professor whose work this popularized article is based on is
Prof. Huh Min, a geologist at Chonnam University in Kwang-ju city.  I would
greatly appreciate any references to primary literature on these sediments
and their fossils as well as to any follow-up studies, in the literature or
the popular press.  Thanks!


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