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Re: clone

Dictator-for-life Calvin wrote:
> I'll tell ya what I'm ready for.  I know there are definite problems
> to be overcome, but if we can clone a sheep, a once-frozen woolly
> mammoth ought not to be impossible.  Has there been any work on DNA
> from frozen mammoth corpses?  One would think that would be a lot
> less of a challenge than other retrieval methods (fossilized bone or
> amber).  And yes, I know that a mammoth is neither a dinosaur nor that
> much of a stretch from modern fauna, but hey, it's a start.

Yes, Hendrik Poinar I beleive and several others have indeed done DNA
work on mammoths.  It shouldn't be very difficult (relatively speaking)
to use modern elephants to rear mammoths.  Course, who's going to fund
the project?

As to the naysayers, you know who you are.  DNA can so be thought of as
a template and yes, if we could get genetic code for dinosaurs, there is
no reason why, theoretically, we couldn't bring them back.  There is a
lot of work to be done on the nuts and bolts but yes it can so be done. 
If it hadn't been for the ethical issues slowing progress in this field
down to a crawl, that sheep would have been cloned 10-15 years ago.

Just last year I was laughed at by two distinguished molecular
biologists with a combined total of more than 30 years of work in this
very field because I was convinced that cloning of mammals was not only
possible but if somebody just studied it and gave it an honest effort,
it would be done before the turn of the century.  Hah!

Joe Daniel