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Re: [Fwd: Re: NOVA]

On Thu, 27 Feb 1997, Jennifer Auld and Dave Pelley wrote:

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> Whoops!  Sent it with the wrong address the first time!  Sorry!
The mindset, though, is that when people talk about scientists, they (I'm 
sure sometimes we also) think only those in the academic field.  But a 
scientist would include more than that.  I wouldn't hesitate one second 
to call Pete Lawson a scientist because that is what he is!  He may have 
spent less time in the field than Horner or anyone else and he may do 
things differently, but his primary concern is scientific, even though he 
runs a business off of what he does.  If we don't call him a scientist 
because he digs fossils as a business venture, then would it also be in 
place to call a biochemist who works for a private company a scientist?  
We would call them both scientists!

Sorry for the speal.

Michael D. Miller