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How much is enough?

       The question "how many hadrosaur bones do [museums]
need before they have enough?" is basically the same as the question "how
much do we need to know before it is enough?"  Well, if you think (as I
do) that building up as big a scientific knowldege base as possible is a
good thing, the answer is "as many as we can possibly get our hands on".
Is there some reason why people owning thier very own dinosaur bone is
somehow a more noble effort then feeding paleontologists as much data and
material as possible?  Why do collectors need to own the real thing,
rather then being content with reproductions?  The real thing provides
science with information, it only provides the private collector with a
mild thrill.         
      As far a those poor dinosaur bones languishing away in the
collections, to follow your own reasoning it beats them eroding away out
in the badlands.  Or do you think they would be better cared for in a
private collection?

LN Jeff