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Glad I'm not the only one to send things to the wrong address:)
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Mickey P. Rowe wrote:
 there's no realistic hope that we'll ever come closer to
> re-creating dinosaurs.  And even that degree of verisimilitude will
> require an almost inconceivable understanding of developmental
> molecular biology.  

Why is it that people continuously say that can't be done in this
field.  You're right that without dino DNA we aren't going to get too
far, but I think you are overlypessimistic in molecular biology
techniques.  Things thought impossible just 5 years ago are becoming
routine in the labs and things show no sign of changing.  I know that I
use few of the techniques that I learned when I started working in my
lab just 7 years ago.  Why?  Because they have been replaced by newer
better more powerful techniques.  the projects I am currently working on
were not even possible when I started my job.  Yes there are a great
many stumbling blocks to work out, but it CAN be done.  According to
current data, no but according to current theory YES.  So no, I won't
contain my excitement.  It may not come this decade (actually, almost
assuredly not), but it will come.  Maybe not dinosaurs, but extinct
species that we can get DNA from can be brought back.

Joe Daniel

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