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Re: [Fwd: Re: NOVA]

>    I couldn't agree more. Actually there are less than half a dozen
> commerical collectors, on the scale of BHI, in the United States. These
> collectors are very serious about the "science." If you think for a moment
> they would make a new discovery and secret it away you are badly mistaken.
> The commerical collectors that I know all have close contacts with one or
> more PhD's in academia who regularly study their collections.

Then they're doing things as they should, and no one should give them
any trouble as long as they observe the law of the land.  BHI didn't, so
BHI got burned.


> Also I doubt that Jack Horner has spent anymore time in the field than Peter
> or Neil Larson. If I'm not wrong wasn't one of Horner's big finds made in a
> rock shop in Montana?? Come on Jack..give it a rest!

Not wrong, but I wouldn't call it right, either.  IMHO you're being too
hard on Horner.  I thought Horner's attitude on the NOVA program was
that he's got no beef with commercial collectors as long as they take
proper care when excavating a specimen, document the dig properly, and
make specimens available to be studied.  

The duckbill baby bones were actually being kept in the Brandvolds'
house, not their museum, because they didn't have even a wrong idea of
what the bones were.  (DIGGING DINOSAURS, p. 33-4)

        -- JSW