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Fossil Legislation Task Force - Call For Members

Fossil Legislation Task Force - Call For Members

Recent discussions on the Dinosaur List and Rocks-and-Fossils List have
revealed strongly divisive views on fossil access and protection issues.  We
have had enough of misrepresentations, stereotypes, blanket indictments and
other non-productive discussions.  The time has come to act constructively.

To my knowledge, there has been no prior effort on the Net to bring
participants from the academic/professional, amateur/avocational, and
commercial camps together for constructive dialogue.  This is a solicitation
for members of an ad hoc task force to engage in positive consideration of
the issues surrounding fossil collection on Federal Land.

To date, I have had positive response from 3 amateurs and one professional.
It is paramount that there be sufficient representation of the three groups
if this approach is to bear fruit.

I have no particular qualifications other than a sincere interest in
participating in efforts to maximize the recovery of scientific information
about the planet's fossil history.

If you are motivated to work toward resolution of the issues between
professionals, amateurs and commerce, I sincerely invite you to respond to
me directly, off-list.  We can then discuss the means and method of working
on the issues.  If anyone wants to set up a temporary listserver to
accomodate these discussions, it would be MARVELOUS!

[ Listproc is still functional on lepomis, so I can easily set up a
  list there.  It will have to wait until next week, though, and I can't
  guarantee the machine's stability.  Nor can I afford to support it
  myself, so Michael you (or anyone else willing) would have to serve
  as the list owner.  P.S. Consider this entire message to be a
  public service announcement; I don't want to entertain this
  discussion again on the dinosaur list.  -- MR ]

Thank you for your consideration-

       ---====  Michael Sternberg  ====---
  Amateur Paleontologist and Natural Curiousitarian 
       "I never Metasequoia I didn't like"
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