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Re: My Gr. 9 Science Fair Project: Questions

> Paul Willis wrote:

> .... can form part of the crocs diet. All animals that come to the waters
edge are fair game for the crocs (with one or two
> notable excaptions such as hippos).


There was a progam (NOVA??) where a pond/mud wallow was shown. It was full
of crocs and hippos, including a baby hippo. The crocs did not bother the
little hippo, even when it was shoved by an adult directly into the midst
of the crocs. The crocs seem to know _not_ to bother baby hippos when the
adults are around.

Where ever this comes from ... crocs that attack baby hippos around adults
tend to get bit in half by adults, thereby not passing on their genes ...
anyway, I wonder if this might apply to this discussion. After all, the
crocs were bigger, but so were dinosaurs. The crocs might have left certain
dinosaurs chicks alone .. at least when an adult was near.

Edward Traxler
Ft Hunter Ligget, CA