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Re: T-rex could kick

Lurker here!

Just as a cautionary note, I'm an Elec. Eng by trade and I have no
knowledge of anatomy other than what I've learned here (a couple of
weeks) and a couple of dino books.

Rich Travsky wrote:

> You do not need talons to use a kick as an attack. A rex could >generate
>a lot of power in its legs, making a kick destructive even if >it didn't
>penetrate skin. A broken bone is just as debilitating as an >open gash.
>This is, after all, the means by which humans kick.) Being >knocked
>over(and exposing vital body parts) is also an effective >attack.

In the movie Jurassic Park, when the T-rex is chasing the jeep, he
closes and then whacks the jeep with the side of his muzzle {?}, instead
of trying to bite.  I'm assuming that the jeep w/people was perceived by
the T-rex as a single creature. Now I can think that this method would
have pretty ugly results if used, say on an ankylosaur.  However, could
not have T-rex used this type of technique for the proper type prey?
Would not T-rex have multiple strategies for different prey?

Please correct me where I'm wrong!