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Re: Lists

Tracy Ford wrote:
>This topic has come up on a few post's, about haveing a list of names
>of prehistoric animals.
>I have for the past 15 years been makeing up such a list, of all the
>Mesozic and Paleozoic tetrapods. EVERYTHING I could get my hands on,
>dinosaurs, pterosaurs, 'thecodont's, amphibians, amniotes, synapsids,
>mammals, etc.
>For example
>Genus: Megalancosaurus CALZAVARA, MUSICO & WILD, 1980

(Impressive sample snipped)

Sounds like quite a list. Now, do you want to publish it to make money?
Or just to disseminate the knowledge? Because, if you just want to share
the knowledge, this sounds like good material for a website. You could
add pics of the holotypes, or artist's reconstructions, or whatever, and
take up a few gigabytes with it.
        That also goes for everybody else's "complete encyclopedia" ambi-
tions. Anything published on paper will be complete for about three weeks,
and then it's missing the latest discovery or theory. How about publishing
on CD-ROM, with links to a website to download the lastest news? This
way it could include search engines for location, discoverer, horizon, clade,
shoe size, and anything else you can think of. Once it's written, the actual
cost of publishing the CD-ROM itself would be far less than on paper, and
updating the website (and producing annual revisions) could be a full-time
job for somebody (or several somebodies).
        (Dinogeorge's genera list might be a good place to start...)
        This is almost the 21st century. Science is moving far too fast to try
to publish all of any one field in a 16th century medium.

How about it, folks?

Wayne Anderson