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Croc as predators

> Paul Willis wrote:

> I wasn't wondering if a croc would eat an edmontosaur.  I was wondering
> if a croc would hold his ground when he heard an animal of unknown size
> thundering toward him.  I think even grizzly bears often retreat in the

I saw a superb program on crocs not so long ago, waiting for the annual
migration of Gnus (Wildebeeste). We are talking THOUSANDS of animals here, all
coming to the water's edge to drink, and to cross. Was Mr. Croc worried about
getting trampled? NO WAY. He just sneaks up partly submerge till he gets within
about 2 METRES of the selected animal and then practically LEAPS up and grabs
it, dragging it back into the water (incidentally a Zebra got away by
biting the
croc that had grabbed around the eye. it doesn't always go Mr Crocs way). Time
and time again.

What happens next? Well those silly Gnus, desperate for a drink and to
line up on the riverbank, the pressure from behind forcing the front ones to go
in. They know the crocs are there. They SEE the crocs grab their
companions. But
they HAVE to drink, cross, continue with their migration.

I see no reason why the same pressures weren't exerted on any dinosaur in need
of a drink or migrating. An dino's gotta do what a dino's gotta do. No more no
less. And that goes for Mr. Croc too.