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General Education Course on Dinosaurs

I'm about to teach a general education (i.e., for non-science majors,
not intending to take further geology classes) on dinosaurs.  I'm doing
it because I have loved dinosaurs since childhood, and this is a fine
excuse for me to submerge myself in the reading and become somewhat more
knowledgeable.  Its also a good excuse to buy all those books I've been
drooling over for so many years.  The course will not be a detailed look
at the systematics or anatomy, but will focus on dinosaur research as
an example of good science (and bad science, too).  While I am a paleontologist,
I make no pretensions about being a dinosaurologist.  Therefore I will need
help, and send this note as a general request for input from the community
of dinosaur specialists.  I will likely use Lucas' book as a text.  I have
the big *Dinosauria* volume.  I'll have about 14 weeks, twice weekly, to
share with something like 60 students.  Advice is appreciated, syllabi would
be much appreciated, and other suggestions as well.  Thanks,
J. Ernissee