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CENTROSAURUS only in Alberta?

 Some time ago I was discussing ceratopsian paleobiogeography with some
collegues here when we got on the topic of how different the contemporaneous
centrosaurine ceratopsians in Montana are different from those in Alberta
despite a relatively short distance seperating the known faunas.

 For example, we don't have any evidence for Achelosaurus or Einiosaurus in
Dinosaur Provincial Park. Nor do there seem to be true Centrosaurus or
Syracosaurus in Montana. Regarding the former, can anyone confirm for me the
presence of an undisputed Centrosaurus in Montana? I went through Horner's
collection 5 years ago and saw none. I don't include those old Monoclonius
fissus, crassus, etc. types in this discussion. While they are
unquestionably centrosaurines of some sort, they are incomplete and are
missing the diagnostic features for Centrosaurus. Dinosaur Provincial Park
is overrun with Centrosaurus remains. We find good evidence for them 80
miles east on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border at a place called Sandy Point,
and there are one or two skulls from southern Alberta, but I'm not aware of
any bonafide Centrosaurus remains from Montana or antwhere else in the USA.
Anyone know otherwise?

 Darren Tanke
 Technician, Dinosaur Research Program
 Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology