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Re: Compsognathus

Dinogeorge writes (in reference to the manus of _Comspognathus_):

>We need more specimens of _Compsognathus_ to really give this conclusion a
>good test, of course.

We may have this, actually. According to a very reliable source who has
handled certain Chinese feathered dinosaur specimens, the 3-4 known
specimens may all be referrable to _Compsognathus_ itself (not just to
"compsognathids"). At least one has a complete manus which will clear up
the issue.

The use of "Sinosauropteryx" as it has often been termed on this list is
premature according to this source, and several others who are involved
with the specimen and familiar with taxonomic rules. So I'd advise some
caution in using that appellation until a proper scientific description has
been published.

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