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Re: DinSoc Dinosaur Encyclopedia

In a message dated 97-01-01 14:32:41 EST, kodiak@INETWORLD.NET (MC2) writes:

<< Hmmmm.  I hope that's ALL you are using it for--a baseline.  I'm no
 expert on dinosaurs (although I'm working on it) and I found plenty of
 mistakes in my first reading of it.  More than a year ago I sent a letter
 off to Lessem care of the Dinosaur Society; I received no reply (and I'm a
 member) so the unfortunate impression I got is that they don't care.

Alas, this is all too true: a book that could have been an excellent
reference marred by hasty research and a far too tight schedule. Believe me,
Don Lessem knows about and understands the problems, and there is little that
can be done about them now.