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Re: Mac version of Dinosaur Encyclopaedia

Graeme Worth wrote:
> A Message to MAC Users!
> Regular subscribers will have noticed my occasional adverts for The Dinosaur
> Encyclopaedia, a software package for IBM computers, and a number of you
> have responded with "What about a Mac version."

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> I am prepared to
> offer what I have, which is:
> A Word-for-Windows file (416K) with entries for 734 genera (all dinosaur
> genera from "The List") plus many of the non-dinosaurian genera as well

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> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ALLOSAURUS                    (strange reptile)
> FAMILY: Allosauridae
> ERA:Late Jurassic  ( Kimmeridgian - Tithonian   156-144 mya ).
> SIZE: 12 m  (40 ft)  (Australian 5-6m / 18 ft)
> LOCATION: Nth America  ( Morrison Formation in Colorado, Montana, New
> Mexico, Oklahoma, Sth Dakota, Utah and Wyoming, USA.  [A. fragilis])
>          Africa  ( Tendaguru Beds, Mtwara, TANZANIA.  [A. tendagurensis])
>          Australia.  (Dinosaur Cove,Otway Ranges, Victoria, AUSTRALIA).
> FOSSILS: 3 complete skulls, partial & complete skeletons of at least 60
> animals of A. fragilis, tibia only of A. tendagurensis.  Astralagus from
> Australia, species undefined.
> Ancestor of Tyrannosaurus but smaller.

Whoops! Is this in the PC version too?