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Rauisuchid anatomy request

     I've always been very interested in the Rauisuchids of Triassic fame,
     and so have taken the plunge and commissioned Bob Morales to sculpt
     one for me, probably a Postosuchus.  He is very concerned that the
     sculpture be accurate, and has requested anatomy references; beyond a
     few paintings in Dinosaurs: A Global View, and a mount in the new AMNH
     Early Vertebrate hall (which I will camcord and send to him) I cannot
     think of where to direct him.  Any help with this would be greatly
     appreciated.  Were these animals the focus of a paper in SVP or
     another journal?  How do I go about researching what's "out there"?

     Late last year I posted a general query concerning Rauisuchids, and
     several people referred me to a leading scholar on the Rauisuchids
     whose whereabouts were uncertain. Would he be willing to help out?
     How can I reach him?

     By the way, protectors of dino-sity, this is not off-topic because Bob
     will also sculpt an early dinosaur scurrying away from the big fellow!

     Thanks in advance for any info.