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RE: Figthing dinosaur ecology

Joe asked:

>Anyone got a reference for the interpreted ecology these two fighting
>dinos we've been talking about have typically been found in?  Not just
>in this instance, but in a more general sense?

Mike Novacek has written a book about his work in Mongolia with
Protoceratops, Oviraptors, Velociraptors, and the area in general.

It's called something like "the burning hills" or "the red hills of
mongolia" or some such thing, but he should be in Books-In-Print-Author,
so I'm only helping a little by giving you an author's name.


[Novacek, M (1996) Dinosaurs of the Flaming Cliffs. Anchor Books. ISBN 0
365 47774 0. $24.95 - Chris]